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Looby Turns Lens in New Direction for Be Good’

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“Well acted, crafted, and observed !”

  1. -Dennis Harvey, Variety

Top 10 Movies of 2013! This micro-budget gem is a perfect example of what can be accomplished with a great idea.

- Pat McDonald, Hollywood Chicago


Be Good does an excellent job of openly and honestly reflecting upon the existential struggle of parenting...[it[ is one of the most truthful and realistic cinematic depictions that I have seen.”

- Don Simpson, Smells Like Screen Spirit

“Every moment in this movie feels earned, and Looby’s characters are handled with care. It’s the type of movie that just might teach you something about yourself by the time the credits roll....thanks to sharp writing and two great performances. Thomas Madden and Amy Seimetz (as Paul and Mary, respectively) create a refined, naturalistic portrayal of a couple that is faced with the difficult juggling act that is parenthood...Be Good was a truly touching film.”

- Bernard Boo, Way Too Indie

" 3-stars!   For an idea of what to expect when you're expecting,  check out 'Be Good.'  The tension...between this proud, exhausted couple creates...a vivid glimpse into shifting priorities with far more clarity than the usual star-powered Hollywood effort about the difficulties of marriage and parenthood."  

- Matt Pais, Chicago Red Eye


" Highly Recommended:  Everyday intimacies...are observed with a documentary-like eye. Looby's camera doesn't force its way into these situations. It observes...Interactions between Paul, Mary, the baby and friends who breeze into their life...add to the authenticity. They're real. This success is a testament to 'Be Good's' excellent cast. They don't act, but live their roles."

- Phil Morehart, Chicago Journal

" 3-stars! You can sense the authenticity in the movie's emotional ambivalence and the general air of sleep deprivation...Madden and Seimetz are totally convincing as a couple being tested by the compromises they have to live with."

- Hank Sartin, Timeout Chicago


"The film is an excellent slice-of-life regarding new parenting and those first few months...what transpires speaks to fatherhood, the bond of mother to child and the new landscape for child raising responsibility in the post millennium.

- Pat McDonald, Hollywood Chicago


"The movie's...made with deceptive care and a quietly apt camera sense." 

- Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

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Interview with Indie Outlook:  Todd Looby on 'Lefty,' 'Be Good' Listen to Interview


United Film Fest - Chicago - 11/19/13

United FIlm Fest - San Francisco - 11/15/13 - *Best Narrative Feature!

Raindance Film Festival - London - 10/5/13

Rhode Island International Film Festival - 8/8/13

Waterfront Film Festival - South Haven, MI - 6/20/13 & 6/22/13


Northside DIY Fest - Brooklyn, NYC - 6/17/13

United Film Fest - NYC - 6/11/13 - * Best Narrative Feature!


Frequency Film Festival - San Diego, CA


Seattle TRUE Independent Film Fest - 5/7/13


Newport  Beach Film Festival - 4/28/13


United Film Fest - LA - 5/26/13


Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival - 4/25 & 4/26

Florida Film Festival - Sun. 4/6 & 4/11


Victoria Independent Film Festival - Sun. 4/6, 5:00pm - *Best Director

Midwest Independent Film Festival - 2/5/13 @ 6:30pm -

                                                        - *Best Screenplay & Best Actor

San Francisco Indie Fest - 2/8/13, 2/9/13, 2/13/13

Interview: Todd Looby – Be Good Read the Interview

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Now Available on VOD!